Out now: CHAOTIC MAMA – Diskografi [1998-2006] (2017)

Artist: Chaotic Mama
Album title: Diskografi [1998-2006]
Format: CD
Label: Wasted Rockers Recordings
Catalogue: WRR-10
Country: Indonesia
Release date: 4 Juni 2017
Genre: Alternative & Punk
Style: Punk-Rock / Oi! / Hardcore-Punk / Ska-Punk / Garage-Rock

01. Monster Squad (single 2006)
02. Police Brutality (single 2006)
03. Jane McCarthy (demo 1998)
04. No More Rip-Off (demo 1998)
05. Monster Squad (demo 1998)
06. Women in Bikinis (demo 1998)
07. Politic Is Stink [P.I.S] (demo 1998)
08. Mr. Yamaguchi (demo 1998)
09. The Kids Must Unite (demo 1998)
10. Police Brutality (demo 1998)
11. Chronic (demo 1998)
12. We Got to Rebel (demo 1998)
13. When a Punk-Rocker Falling in Love (demo 1998)

* Chaotic Mama adalah band punk-rock proyekkan dari Harlan “Bin” Boer (C’mon Lennon, eks Room-V, eks The Upstairs), Andri Boer (Paviliun Records) dan Jorgy (The Gimmick) di era 90-an.
** Klik ke situs Wasted Rockers Recordings untuk detailnya.


~ by wastedrockers on 04/06/2017.

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