OSCAR LOLANG – Eastern Man (single, 2016)

Oscar Lolang, solois folk-music muda asal Bandung. Mahasiswa Antropologi UNPAD. Mungkin karena latar belakang tersebut Oscar menulis lirik dengan sedikit nuansa politis, seperti yang seharusnya musik-musik akar rumput lakukan (dalam hal ini; folk-music).

Cek single debut dari Oscar yang berjudul “Eastern Man” di atas.




Man in the red shirt
Comes from far land in the east
He has the brightest smile
And a saddest stare

He has the bleakest secrets to share
In a way that everyone would care

There goes a song from an Eastern Man
With his Tifa and a mouth like flower
There goes a song comes from deep within
His feeling bout his murdered family
By a loyal army

He plays it passionately, with the tune he borrowed from Marley
He mentions soils of gold
Now shattered by blood

Sa pu mama mati karena tentara
Sa pu rumah hancur karena tentara
Sa su lama marah deng pemerintah
Dong su buat Papua menjadi merah

~ by wastedrockers on 18/04/2016.

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  1. Mantap lagunya

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