Astro Turf: Weed Songs Mixtape (2016)

Astro Turf - Weed Songs Mixtape

Sebagai ode dan bentuk kecintaan kami terhadap skab, without further ado, we presenting to you… Astro Turf: Weed Songs Mixtape (2016) !!!  :mrgreen:

01. Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb Orchestra – When I Get Low, I Get High
02. Ray Charles – Let’s Go Get Stoned
03. Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women no. 12 & 35
04. Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf
05. Rick James – Mary Jane
06. Peter Tosh – Legalize It
07. John Holt – Police in Helicopter
08. Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station
09. Nirvana – Moist Vagina
10. Clutch – Spacegrass
11. Cypress Hill – Dr.GreenThumb
12. Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy [Stoned Again]

Compiled & layout by: Wasted Rockers
“Trippy Astronaut” image taken from: pics-about-space

Track 01 taken from The Early Years: Part 1 [1935-1938] (Decca Jazz, 1992). Recorded on April 7th 1936.
Track 02 taken from Let’s Go Get Stoned 7″ (ABC-Paramount, 1966)
Track 03 taken from Rainy Day Women / Pledging My Time 7″ (Columbia, 1966)
Track 04 taken from Master Of Reality (Vertigo, 1971)
Track 05 taken from Come Get It! (Gordy, 1978)
Track 06 taken from Legalize It (Intel Diplo, 1976)
Track 07 taken from Police In Helicopter (Arrival, 1983)
Track 08 taken from Souvlaki (Creation Records, 1993)
Track 09 taken from All Apologies / Rape Me maxi-single (Geffen Records, 1993)
Track 10 taken from Clutch (EastWest Records America, 1995)
Track 11 taken from IV (Columbia, 1998)
Track 12 taken from Space Cowboy 12″ (Sony Soho Square, 1994)



Ps: The mix-tape that we post is NOT for commercial use and is posted with respect, not with the intention for profit or to violate copyright. If you are the creator (or copyright owner) of the song on this post, and want us to remove it, please contact us.


~ by wastedrockers on 20/02/2016.

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