SAFFAR – Mandatory El Arshy [album-streaming]

Salah satu rilisan yang groundbreaking untuk scene death-metal lokal, album Mandatory El Arshy (2013) milik trio taqwacore / moslem-core / technical death-metal asal Bandung, Saffar, akhirnya dilepas di Bandcamp.

Mungkin di lokal Mandatory El Arshy adalah album death-metal ‘cerdas’ terbaik setelah Tiga Angka Enam (2003) milik Forgotten.

Executive Producer by Extreme Souls Production
Producer by Saffar
Recorded at Extend Music Studio, Bandung
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Zoteng (Forgotten)
All Music and lyric by Saffar
Except “Evolusi” by Zoteng

Guest Vocals:
“Novus Ordo Seclorum” by Kinoy Bacok (Undergod)
“Haykal Abu Jahl” by Kimo Harsh (Depravity Savage)
“Atmospheric Intifadha” by Ady Gembel (Forgotten)
“Mandatory El Arshy” by Ali Utrujjah

Logo and Icon by Ramon
Cover art and Layout by Putra @cumix47



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