Out now: V/A – Inmyroom Mixtape Vol. 2 (2013)


Netlabel InMyRoom Records kembali merilis seri album kompilasi / sampler / mixtape mereka. Kali adalah Inmyroom Mixtape Vol. 2. Berisi artis-artis InMyRoom dan di luar label, hasil kurasi mereka.

Beberapa track di album ini juga eksklusif (tidak dirilis di album lainnya).

01. Layur – Secangkir Teh, Rintik Hujan dan Beberapa Baris Melodi
02. Beethoven From Stereo – It’s Easy and Simple to J.O.I.N.
03. Galant – Farah’s Way From Here
04. Nasadira – Vadya Masa
05. Jollyhooks – Braingazing
06. Blue Albatross – Sol Indiges
07. Kucing Liar – The Most Spectacular, Indescribable, Deep Euphoric Feeling For The Girl With The Most Beautiful Smile I Ever See
08. Individual Distortion – The Ballad of Pork Chops and Happytos
09. Long Road To School – Pure Journey
10. Sound Of Silence – Be Happy
11. Pewee In The Garage – Lumie
12. Wave Of Sun – With You
13. The Sane – Under The Night Tides

* Unduh albumnya di SINI.

~ by wastedrockers on 02/12/2013.

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