SURI / SIGMUN / JELAGA [3-way split] (2012) press-release

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Orange Cliff Records is a small record label founded in 2012. First took off as a single person’s D.I.Y. idea, and currently being run by five youngins. Hoping to be able to take part in the development of Indonesian music scene, we took the traditional vinyl records as our starting point, focusing on the collectability value and novelty aspects. We strive to display, not only in audible materials context, exceptional taste in music and visuals while maintaining generality without binding ourselves to one genre.

Suri / Sigmun / Jelagais a three-way split album, and also our debut project scheduled to be released in September 29th 2012. Suri, Sigmun, and Jelaga are emerging rock bands hauling from Jakarta and Bandung known for their ethereal sounds and compositions. The split album is pressed on 12”(twelve-inch) heavyweight 180gr black vinyl format, and only available in 100 copies, numbered by hand to maintain the D.I.Y. spirit. The cover artwork was made exclusively for the split album by Morrg, of RajaSinga and Månstråle, whom widely known for his work with Komunal, Seringai, Ghaust, etc. Shown below is the tracklist for the three-way split:

01. Red Sky / JELAGA
02. Syubuh / SURI
03. Policy / SURI
04. Nausea / SURI

05. The Long Haul / SIGMUN
06. War Song / JELAGA

We will hold a ceremonial release showcase titled “From The Misty Mountain Top”, on Saturday, September 29th 2012. The event will be showcasing performances from Suri, Sigmun, and Jelaga from one of the highest points in the northern outskirts of Bandung, Bukit Moko, with the panoramic view of the city as the background.

Three-Way Split Vinyl Release Show
Saturday, 29 September 2012
06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
at Bukit Moko, Bandung

FB : OrangeCliffRecords | @orangecliff
Production blog:
Online store:


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