Out now: BUCKSKIN BUGLE – Langkah Penuh Harap (2011)

Full-album terbaru dari Buckskin Bugle, band pop-punk asal Bandung yang sudah berumur 14 tahun, berjudul Langkah Penuh Harap.

Artists: Buckskin Bugle
Album title: Langkah Penuh Harap
Single: Kesempatan
Format: CD
Durasi: 35 menit
Label: Buckskin Bugle Records

01.       Berawal Disini (instrumental)
02.       Disela Semua Tawa
03.       Kesempatan
04.       Progresi Diri
05.       Satu Anthem (new-version)
06.       Sebait Kata (new-version, keyboards by Ophe from Two Triple O)
07.       Berbagi Cerita
08.       Teriakan Bebas (some vocals by Teguh from Right88)
09.       Langkah Penuh Harap (synthesizer by Ucay from Rocket Rockers)
10.       Berjalan, Berlari, Menggapai Mimpi (some vocals by Ivan from Glory Of Love and Aska Pratama from Rocket Rockers)

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•           2008 – Promo Hits Single Teriakan Bebas – Self Released

•           2009 – V/A Does This Look Like A Punk CompilationEazy Records

•           2010 – Promo Hits Single Langkah Penuh Harap – Self Released

•           2011 – Album Langkah Penuh Harap – Self Released  / Buckskin Bugle Records


Management Contact:
Sukses Selalu Management
Mochamad  Andika @mochamadandika
081214451424 / 085721590922
mochamadandika@yahoo.com / buckskinbugle@gmail.com

~ by wastedrockers on 25/03/2011.

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